Trade advice for new-ish FF player

Hey guys! Happy Football Month!

Had my auction draft last weekend and below is my team. Curious where you think I should be targeting improvement or to make a move.

12 man, .5 PPR, 2 WR/2RB/TE/2 FLEX

QB: Ryan
WR: JuJu, A. Rob., M. Evans, Landry, A. Lazard, Tyrell Williams
RB: Derrick Henry, Mixon, A. Mattison, G. Bernard, T. Pollard
TE: Ertz and H. Hurst

If this is a straight redraft, I like your team and wouldn’t worry too much about making moves. The only thing I could see, maybe is trying to upgrade one of your flex spots if you wanted to target the Cook or Zeke owner with their handcuffs, but I think Mattison/Landry/Lazard could rotate nicely into that 2nd flex, and if Cook or Zeke go down, then you have a dominant 2nd flex spot.

Yeah my buddy is already interested in Mattison and I THINK I could get Zack Moss for him if there is one more report about Cook that doesn’t look great. There is another guy in the league with Barkley, CEH, and Miles Sanders but has wretched WR. Was thinking I could get one of CEH or Sanders for like an Evans (not super sold on him) and Landry package. Would that even make sense for either of us?

I would make sure there are enough QBs available if you need to stream or pick one up due to injury. Normally, I wouldn’t worry about it, but this is hardly a normal season.