Trade advice for playoff push

Hey guys, need some help here. Sitting at 4-5, and need to maybe upgrade for a playoff/championship push. League is full PPR. My team:

QB - Alex Smith, Fitzpatrick stream for this bye week.
RBs - Shady, J. Howard, Fournette, AP & R. Kelley
WRs - Alshon, Thielen, Landry, D.Adams, S.Shepard
TE - Brate

I should very well be 7-2 but I made some choices early on that cost me some close games. Looking for some trade advice targets.

Your team is solid. You could try to flip fournette for a top te like gronk ertz or kelce. Or do ap for Evan Ingram to get a te with a nice playoff match up but honestly your team is great going forward. Just need to pray to football gods things work out the way they should.

Thanks man, unfortunately, I’m only 4-5 because the FF gods have not been on my side this season. I am working on a package deal for Ajayi and AJ green but the other person for sure wants J. Howard.

I like ajayi more then Howard going forward. Eagles gonna dominate most teams going forward so there should be huge amounts of carries on a super offense.

If I can’t get the package trade for AJ, you like the straight trade Howard for Ajayi?