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Trade advice for sad 0-3 team


Ok so Demarco Murray put up some numbers this week. However if you remove the one 70+ yd td his numbers weren’t that great. I’m still a little concerned. IF he is back I might be ok. I got offered Devonte Adams for Murray. I am kind of light on WRs. I am wanting to push the guy for a little more in the trade. Here is what I want. I’ll take Devonte Adams and Doug Martin and Will probably have to offer an rb and wr. They are:

RBs: Buck Allen, Ingram, Murray and Stewart.
WRs: Decker, Julio, Agholor, Wright.

Any ideas on what would be a reasonable move for me. Murray and decker for Martin and Adams? Any help is appreciated. If you see any good opportunities or if you feel I should just sit tight that’s cool too.


I don’t like Adams for Murray at all. You’d be giving up your only good RB for an ok WR. Martin “might” be great when he comes back, but he might not and even if he is good, he’ll be on par with Murray. I don’t think I’d make this trade. Not sure who else you have on your roster but I think your best bet is to try and land a stud off the waivers or try to package two of your lower tier guys (Allen/Decker) for an upgrade at either RB or WR.


Thanks. That’s all helpful. Probably best not to bank on Martin. Do you think at this point it’s wiser for me to get rid of Allen than Ingram in a full pt PPR league? Regarding the package you suggested.


I’m not a huge fan of Ingram this year as that backfield is getting crowded but he’s a solid RB and has been the main guy in NO for years. He’s got a better history than Allen in my opinion but it seems like Allen is getting the workload right now. I view them about equal so I think I’d feel out whoever I’m trading with and see who they value more (then obviously say that’s who you value more and try to drive the price up).