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What do you guys think is a fair offer for David Johnson?

My team is
RB’s: Hunt, Tev Coleman, Richard, Chris Thompson

WR’s: Julio, Hopkins, Davante, Woods, Kenny G

It’s a .5 PPR league.

I was thinking Golladay and Thompson but not sure the owner would bite. Is Woods and Thompson too much?


I would do Tev and Kenny G. I think everyone thinks he is supposed to be great this year because of Freeman on IR. Frankly, he hasnt impressed me.


What does the David Johnson owner need?

I agree with fun4willis that you need to check what the other owner needs. While I also would love coleman and Kenny G, I doubt that is enough to get it done. You could certainly try. If they are relatively deep at rb, I think Adams and Richard would be relatively fair.

Unless the owner has big depth issues at some position, I would think it would cost you 1 of Julio or Davante + another small piece.

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@fun4willis he’s 1-5 and looking to shake things up. He likes Adams and Woods but they’re consistent to me DJ isn’t worth that right now he’s up and down

@zdhaugen needs a lot and approached me about the deal. he is 1-5 and likes Adams and Woods but more then i’m willing to part with for an inconsistent DJ

@Hazel11 not a lot of depth which is why he’s 1-5. that asking price is slightly too high. Said he might include someone with DJ for Davante

Yeah that seems steep. At the same time, you don’t need those guys with Julio, Hopkins, and Kenny G. I would see if he would throw in a depth wr with David Johnson for Adams and Woods.

If you can give woods+ for DJ, i’d def do that.