Trade Advice- Freeman for Gurley and TY? Possible Trade Counters?

I was offered TY Hilton and Todd Gurley for my Freeman. Should I take this trade or counter by asking for eifert as well? Should I counter with something completely different?

10 team Standard
My QB is: Aaron Rodgers
My RBs are : Freeman, D Cook, K Hunt, West, Perkins, Abdullah
My WRs are: Jordy, Demarius Thomas, Pryor, Devante Parker, Cooper Kupp
My TE is: Bennete

His team is:
QB: Philip Rivers
RB: Todd Gurley, Rob Kelly, Mark Ingram, Jonathan Stewart,
WR: Julio, TY, CrabTree, Decker, Larry Fitz
TE: Eifert

I would keep your team as is. 3 RB 1’s is deadly. Plus Jordy and your sleepers at WR you have a really solid team. I would pick up a TE on the Waiver, but other than that really good team. I wouldn’t change it.