Trade Advice Full Point PPR

This is a full point PPR league. I’m being offered Taywan Taylor for C. Clement. Any thoughts?? My team is below.

I wouldn’t. If you need a backup or bye week QB someone equivalent to tyrod will be around.

Def not. No need for two QBs with WIlson.

Sorry I should have specified, I meant Taywan Taylor

Sorry I meant Taywan Taylor

At this point, I feel that Clement has quite a bit more value with Ajayi’s injury status up in the air. He’s also potentially projected to be the pass catching back behind Ajayi.

It feels like he has a lot more upside IMO that Taylor, who I dont see going in most drafts, where I see Clement being undervalued quite a bit.

Could be totally wrong on this if Corey Davis doesnt pan out as people think or if Walker is really hurt and more targets head his way. I would personnally wait to see how it pans out a little. With your roster, I dont see you needing to play Taylor in the short term anyway. You’ve got 2 solid WR flyers in Allison and Ross. Loading up on lots of 3rd receiving options’s just puts you in analysis paralysis over a RB that has great TD potential/probably more upside.


No chance at all I take that

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