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Trade advice! full ppr league


Who would you want most-to-least ROS? Emmanuel Sanders, Martavis Bryant, Davonte Parker or John Brown? full ppr

I am debating trading 2 of those WRs and Joe Mixon for Fournette and Tyrell Williams.

My other WRs along with the 4 above and Tyreek Hill, and Keenan Allen. My RBs are Freeman, Ajayi, Hyde, Hill, Mixon.

What do you think?


Parker, Sanders, Bryant, Brown.

John brown makes me puke. Can you tell I’ve been burned by him?


Ha! I bet a lot of us have, he’s my least favorite too. Would you do Sanders or Bryant with Brown and Mixon for Fournette and Tyrell williams?


I’d offer Bryant at first. Denver has good vibes and Trevor looks better than expected.


Who should I target at WR in return for Carlos Hyde?


I wonder if you could even get a wr3/4 for him? Maybe a maclin? Or Tate? Maybe if the owner is Rb desperate


Ok cool. Thanks for the help!


All it will take is one good showing from Hyde and his value will go up quick.