Trade advice. Gillislee and D Parker for Fournette

I got offered Fournette for Gillislee and Devante Parker. Do I take it?

My WR are Antonio Brown Alshon Jeffery Ted Ginn Tyrell Williams Moncrief

My RB are Hyde, Doug Martin, Derrick Henry, Terrence West, Chris Carson

3WR/2RB/FLEX PPR league

Thanks for help in advance!

Anyone have any thoughts?

I would take it personally. It looks like you have plenty of wide outs to go around and parker may not even be a thing given his track record. Fournette is a major upgrade from Gillislee and until Martin comes back you will need that.

Take fournette as fast as you can, in case the guy who offered you fournette cancels the trade. Gillislee is boom or bust from week to week, someone with zero floor but a nice upside of, lets say 60 yds and 3 tds. the thing is, gillislee nearly has to score 2 tds to have a nice week for you, if he doesn’t score, he’s a bust, and if he only scores once, he gets maybe 8-9 total points, which is ok. so the guy really has to score to have a decent week for you - he’s too risky for me, i really don’t want him on my team, additionally, its belichick… who knows if gillislee really gets 100% of the goalline carries. Parker wouldn’t be more than a WR3 for you behind jeffery, but i have to admit i like him this year. but no matter what… fournette is by far the best player in this deal. fournette gives you anything you need, he has a nice floor each and every week because of his workload. he has a good defense which guarantees you the workload, Jaguars garbage time will be limited and the jaguars don’t want to give the ball to bortles. you can expect at least 60+ yds each and every week. that is his floor, add a TD and you have 12+ points. so fournette has a super high floor and his ceiling is, i don’t know, given his opportunity… 150 yds and 2 tds? its certainly possible. So take take the deal as fast as you can :smiley:

I would take fournette because he will be their only true offense.

help with mine please

I would absolutely take that trade. I have fournette and think he will be reaI deal for the this season. You are getting better deal.

As for the guy asking for help with RB2…I would plug abdullah or allen in your RB2 spot. Allen will be playing Woodhead role for next chunk of time. Flex i would plug Cohen. Think bears will need to have someone else besides Howard and he was banged up sightly. Tampa Bay can give up chunks of the short passes to RBs and think he can bust a few plays for ya. Good luck