Trade Advice ... Goff for Baker

I was offered Baker and D.Parker for Goff & Woods in a 12 tm dynasty superflex. He offered some potential additional compensation. I feel like both his guys his are downgrades for me. Am I seeing this right? What would you ask for in addition to make this deal fair. I have Desean Watson, but in a superflex, I’ll be starting Goff (or Baker) every week. I don’t currently have a 3rd reliable option at QB either.

In terms of value, that trade is even stevens.

IMO, I think the Baker and Parker side is better. I’m a big Baker truther and I think this is the year he puts it all together. Amazing weapons who are healthy. Two of the top WR’s in the game with Landry and Beckham, two of the top RB’s in the game with Chubb and Hunt, good TE’s with Hooper and Njoku, a brand new head coach with Kevin Stefanski who made Kirk Cousins look great in Minny.

Parker is great with Fitzpatrick, and has great upside with Tua.

If he’s offering more to make the deal happen, let him stew like you’re thinking about it, and if you can get a 2nd or 3rd rounder, or flier at RB/WR/TE, that’s a heck of a win for you my man.

However, fantasy is about fun and cheering for the guys you like. If you feel better having Goff and Woods, stick with them.

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I think I’d take the Baker side as well. I prefer Baker to Goff, pretty similar floor, higher upside for Baker I’d say. I’d take Woods over Parker though for consistency, but if Parker’s 5th year breakout actually sticks then he probably has better upside than Woods. So I think you get a better QB but not quite as good/riskier WR.

Like @morestagedives says, if you can get something else chucked in then I think you’d be winning.

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He backed out because he thought he had too many rams with this deal (he also has Akers). He offered me Akers or Keyshaun Vaugh straight up for woods. Would you guys do that?

I would not take that trade.