Trade Advice, Gurley & JuJu for Fournette and Kearse

Hey Guys,

I’m worried about Gurleys remaining schedule. I have been offered Fournette and Kearse for Gurley and JuJu and wondering what everyones thoughts are… Its a 10man standard scoring league , I’m 5-5 tied 4 (push for playoffs is intense).

My team is
QB A.Smith
RB McKinnon, Gurley, McCoy, Collins
WR Hopkins, Woods, Fitz, Marvin Jones, Nelson and JuJu
Te ASJ, Kroft
K Zuerlien
Def Rams

Interested to hear some feedback

I would keep Gurley and the upside of Juju. I think Gurley is more matchup proof than he was at the beginning of season. Good luck!

As a Gurley owner I would not do this, but I also have Fournette and Hunt. I agree with @john_grab Gurley may be matchup proof, and honestly Fournettes schedule isnt a bunch of daisys

Gurley > Fournette (He’s had a bunch of let down games already so I don’t see this as an upgrade from Gurley’s schedule)

Juju >>>> Kearse

I’d pass.

Thanks guys!