Trade advice help TIA

I would be getting Aaron Jones and JuJu for Chris Godwin and David Johnson. My other WRs are Robert Woods and Curtis Samuel. My other RBs are Cook, Kerryon, and Miles Sanders. It’s a 12 mans PPR league. So my question is, what do you think of this trade? Is it worth it?

No, I wouldn’t do it because:
I think Aaron Jones and David Johnson are in polar opposite situations but will finish about the same.
Jones is on a top 5 offense with plenty of TD upside; however, it is an offense that is pass first and still wants to use Williams (for some reason).
DJ is on a bottom half offense (lots of plays but minimal TD upside) but he is the clear bell cow.
Its the old argument of talent vs opportunity. I think Jones has the slight edge in opportunity and DJ has the slight edge in talent (just because of pass catching ability).

JuJu has underperformed but is crazy talented. If Big Ben were healthy, yes I would do the trade. Meanwhile, Godwin has taken advantage of a great opportunity while Evans has underperformed. I think Godwin starts to come back to Earth a bit with Evans getting more work. I love the idea of trading Godwin on the back of 2 good games but I wouldn’t target JuJu with a backup QB.

Jones = DJ (slight edge DJ)
Godwin > JuJu (with a backup QB)

Yeah I’m a little hesitant on it too but I know that I need a WR1 Because I do agree with you Godwin is going to come back down to earth and in LA there’s just too many mouths to feed

I would look to take this trade package but target someone else. Maybe K. Allen and a RB. K. Allen is a WR1 and is getting a huge workload with all the injuries; but, he isn’t sexy and typically is undervalued.