Trade advice help - Waller for James Conner? (half ppr)

i have Jonnu and Waller, i got hit up for one of them.

my rb depth is soft after the Saquon and the Ekeler injuries hit this season. I have Mike Davis who is gonna be out of the picture here soon which leaves me with Mostert, Lindsay as only playable guys (love injuries).

With Jonnu already thru his by, i lean keeping him and using Waller and a WR to go for a RB and WR upgrade.

My Squad - Amari, Lockett, Diontae Johnson, Landry, Gage || Mike Davis, Mostert, Lindsay, Ekeler || Waller, Jonnu

His Squad - Theilen, Robby Anderson, Calvin, Fuller, Mike Williams || Zeke, Conner, David Johnson, Darrell Henderson || Gronk, Graham

Who would you be going for if this was your team?

I’d rather have Waller than Jonnu ROS so if you can wait a week that would be ideal. At that same time if the other team values one player significantly higher it may be an opportunity to capitalize for a better trade.

It may not be flashy but I would go after David Johnson. You may be able to flip Waller without much extra, I don’t think Jonnu bring enough name recognition (he has the numbers)

Waller is def a focal point on the offense, but i think i can get more for him than Jonnu, who im thinking will maintain a decent floor moving forward.

Waller for James Conner is what he just hit me with. thoughts??

I don’t think Waller is enough but it’s worth a starting point for conversations.

He offered it to me not long bout half an hour ago.