Trade Advice: Help

Hey guys,

I just want your advice on this.

Give: Adam Thielen and Doug Martin
Get: Keenan Allen and Chris Thompson

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I think its a good trade for you - Diggs and Cook generally get the TD looks. Thielan is good for yards. But Allen is the clear no. 1 who gets yardage AND redzone work. Martin may not get the starting job back fully with Rodgers there and Sims as the third down back. Thompson has definitely cleared himself a bigger role moving forward now. I’d do it.

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Anyone stating that Doug won’t get the starting job back is kind of being ridiculous. Doug Martin will start, it is his job, the preseason and Quiz’s mediocre production has proven that.

I don’t like this trade, Allen is still an injury risk and Thompson can fall off any day now. He has the skills but he will not sustain this pace.

Seems like a chasing points trade.

I agree with Guinness. That would be a no-go from me on this trade.

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You dont think Rodgers slow performance has been match-up based? Or that Hampster is going to work his way back to game fitness (kind of like Lev Bell has been doing?..that was kind of my thinking behind the Martin portion of the trade and that TB has one of the tougher schedules. I see where your coming from though.

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They have been against tougher defenses, but neither the Vikings nor Bears has stacked the box or really guarded against the run very much. Quiz hasn’t been bad, but he is just not Dougie. Also Dougie has been training with the team and played in the preseason. He is in game form now.