Trade Advice HELP!

12 Team, .5PPR
My team currently:
QB: Cousins, Tyrod, Winston
RB: Zeke, Hyde, Powell, Foreman, Breida, DMC
WR: Evans, Allen, Dez, Diggs
TE: Griffen

I was offered Amari Cooper and Mike Gillislee for Stefon Diggs. Should i take it or sit tight? I’d probably end up dropping Tyrod as i really dont need him.

That’s a decent trade. Cooper should start playing better soon but he does have a couple tough matchups coming up. I would try to trade one of your WRs for a good RB or package a WR and RB for another elite RB to pair with Zeke

@TPTre A another trade i was offered was Hyde and Diggs for Bell and either Cobb or K Benjamin. As much as I love Bell, I’m not a fan of Cobb as he’s a number 4 option in his offense and I have no faith in Cam Newton to deliver the ball to Benjamin. You think this is a better trade?

Yeah I would do that without a doubt. How many WRs slots do you have?

I have to start 2 WRs and 2 RBs with one flex. Normally i alternate my flex with Dez and Diggs. So if i make the trade, who’d you ask for, Cobb or Benjamin?

That trade makes absolutely no sense…there is not a scenario on this planet where you should not take that trade (the one with Bell) You are giving up $15 and getting $30. You’d be stupid not to take that, you’re team is made much better by that trade. That is truly one of the most dumbfounding trades I’ve seen offered. Bell and DJ (before injury) should be essentially untouchable as far as trade value goes

People are all abroad the Diggs hype train and i’ve been fielding offers for him all week. The guy who offered it is switching between Benjamin and Cobb along with starting Hilton and is desperate for a WR help. You should probably see if you can get Bell in your league too. His slow start has some people nervous, especially if they are 0-3 or 1-2.

I actually drafted him so I’m good. I mean people are high on Diggs in the league too, but they don’t think he’s AB