Trade advice (help)

Does anyone think trading freeman for Ajayi would be a good trade? I have freeman fournette and mixon… freeman has been letting me down the last three weeks and Ajayi is now on a high powered offense who will get the touches and more opportunities.

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i think my worry with ajayi is there is so many rb options there in philly and wentz is having a career season that he may get lost in the shade. he may have to have the big plays like sunday to make his value truly worth it unless he ends up big in the passing game.

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Yeah I am going to shadow what @tim_ritchie said. No Ajayi will not get more touches. This week Freeman got 15 touches to Ajayi’s 8. I realize this was Ajayi’s first game, but you can count on Freeman touching the ball 15 times. The Eagles are rotating 3 backs in Ajayi, Blount, and Clement, who all torched the Bronco’s defense.

I think both these players will be great ROS. The biggest questions I have are Ajayi’s usage moving forward and what in the bleep the Falcons are doing with their play calling. Freeman has a lot more value ROS just because his floor is higher.

Man though…the Falcons are killing me with this new scheme. They really need to get back to establishing the run for real.

I agree with you about the rb situation in philly, it’s just hard to keep having confidence in freeman, with continual poor weeks, and Coleman stealing his touchdowns. When you draft a timeshare rb I guess that’s what you have to live with.

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Freeman’s measurables are extremely good. The Falcons are just not using him and using Coleman much less.

It really is tough… Matt Ryan has been poor this year but they keep throwing the ball in running situation… in the beginning of the season I thought the duo of freeman and fournette was going to be unbeatable, but Freeman’s cold streak has been killing my team.

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You are absolutely right. Ryan is a great game manager, but he isn’t Tom Brady. The absolute worst is that Freeman has been the #1 most efficient red zone RB in the NFL this season…with 5 TDs. But he isn’t losing anything to Coleman, that poor guy is seeing like 30% of the usage he saw last season.

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My gut says Ajayi is going to be the easy number 1 guy in Philly. I think Blount will be almost non-existent outside of probably goal-line touches. Remember Peterson wasn’t sure if he was going to use Ajayi at all this week so I think this week looked the way it did just because he’s new to the squad.

I could be completely wrong on that because there’s no indication of that, it’s just my gut feeling. Tough call though cause it is a risk that you’re dealing with the 3 headed monster we saw this week and then you’re reliant on big plays.


Next week will be the big tell. However, if you are right about Ajayi his trade price will sky-rocket.