Trade advice how not to get vetoed

Proposing a trade:
Current RB: gurley, mccoy, conner james, alex collins, hyde, wilkins, aaron jones

i’m trying to trade for zeke and the guy wants two RB.

I offered: mccoy and hyde (willing to sub hyde with any of the others minus gurley)

is this unfair? and if so what do i have to do to make it fair haha

Rofl, you gotta be kidding me with this non sense. This is a joke. Pretty sure you know it’s unfair so not sure why you’re asking. I’m not sure why he would trade Zeke for 2 worse RBs. There really isn’t any two RBs you have that make this remotely close to a fair trade. Your two best RBs are probably McCoy/Collins and Conner. But they’re all pretty week. This trade honestly doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

I agree with @MikeMeUpp. You’re asking because you know it is unfair. Idk how much experience him, or your league possessed, but if you’re more experience, try to make a trade you’d be happy receiving.