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Trade Advice - Howard for Gordon?


Was just offered Melvin Gordon for Jordan Howard straight up. I might be over thinking this but I’m leaning towards not doing it. I feel like Jordan Howard has shown that he’s more talented and much more efficient than Melvin but just plays on a worse offense. Am I being crazy?


Please Get Gordon!


Well, let’s look at what we know.

On the surface it looks like Gordon had more points, but he did it with TDs and receptions. Howard showed amazing efficiency with every touch. He had 200 more total yards and 300 more rushing yards.

I expect the TD and reception count to decline for Gordon with River’s targets coming back this season combined with an embarrassment of riches at the TE position. All reports out of camp suggest Howard’s TD and reception count will be on the rise now that Langford is unlikely to steal any more and Alshon has moved on.

My suggestion is keep Howard. His output is about a full yard higher every time he touches the ball.


In ESPN drafts I’ve been seeing Gordon come off the board first every time. I agree with Guiness, when he/she speaks on the TD regression from Gordon. Injury history favors Howard. Eye test, is equivalent from what I’ve seen. San Diego will surely be the more efficient offense. However, if you factor in the # of mouths they need to feed, I’d say available workload is equivalent. My advice is for you to offer a counter and get another asset. It’s possible they value Howard significantly more than Gordon. To me, it’s close to a wash (favoring Howard).


im saying yes. as others have brought up, rivers weapons are back. which is a VERY good thing for gordon. every team just qued in on him last year, and yet he was still fairly effective. his check downs wont go away so you can still count on 40 receptions. and his TDs wont go away, because he is effective in the redzone. the offensive line has also gotten better, so he wont take (hopefully) one step and get hit as much. this all points to a much better year for gordon.

howard on the other hand, has an up hill battle. one i think he can win, but he doesnt have nearly as much going for him as gordon does. but, its still close enough for a coin flip. me, im just partial to gordon. because also dont forget, he got injured last year. (funny im saying it like a good thing) but what you can do is add 3 more games worth of stats onto that (technically 4 he only ran a few times before the injury of his last game), and then youre looking at a more realistic stat line for gordon to increase off of.


Yah I mostly agree, that last point about Gordon’s realistic stat line could be said for Howard too though right? Seeing as he didn’t start until week 4?


yeah he may not have started until week 4, but he still played. and the only game that really affected was his very first game. he was 3 for 22 and 2 receptions for 9. his next game wasnt great, but still worth 13 points in PPR. after that he kinda takes off with 2 100 yard rushing games. so ill concide thats still basically 2 games he missed. either way its a very close call. just like i said im partial to gordon. and i think you will end up being happier with gordon than howard. because the only other thing i forgot to mention was the kind of players i go after. i like players on winning teams. especially RBs. that way production doesnt just stop because they had to stop running and start throwing. because even though they were 5 and 11 last year, that number could have easily bee reversed. 5 games they lost by 4 or less. and 8 they lost by 7 or less. anyway, i ramble. reply over! :slight_smile:


Haha I appreciate the rambling. All good info.


We disagree on River’s targets taking away receptions from Gordon. I think his check-downs do change. I have also heard some rumors the Chargers may look at two tight end red zone sets. Honestly not sure if that is good or bad for Gordon. It would also be very difficult for Gordon to repeat his TD count. I still think he gets double digits though.

This is a fun debate…like which is better, ice cream cake or cookie cake? You kinda win either way.


It’s not even close. You get Gordon and laugh all the way to the #FootClanTitle!