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Trade advice Howard/Kerryon


I was offered a trade, I would receive OBJ. Offer that was proposed was Lindsay & Kerryon for OBJ. I was thinking about countering with Lindsay & Jordan Howard. Who would you rather have in a fill point PPR Kerryon or Howard?

My team
QB - Ryan
RB Mixon, Sony, Howard, Kerryon, Lindsay, Chubb, & Ronald Jones.
WR Julio, T. Hill, C. Davis, & Watkins

Do I accept the trade giving up Lindsay & Kerryon or counter with Howard?

League format
2 RB, 2WR, WR/RB


id keep what you have not deep enough at rb to trade them away imo


I would rather Howard. Selling high on Johnson and low for Howard in this deal. Howard will be fine. Last week’s game was a freak match. Lions won’t move to a run 1st offence like the bears. Stafford and the wrs are too good


You don’t think that WR core would make up for it. MY feelings are I can’t play all of them so why not try to upgrade and with Mixon coming back it deepens my RBs a little. I would have Julio, OBJ and Hill as my WR & WR/RB spot.


or Should I try to include Watkins or Davis with Lindsay?