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Trade Advice HPPR


In my redraft HPPR league I was offered Todd Gurley for Jerick Mckinnon and Zach Ertz. I’m pretty sure i would still rather have 2 postional 1’s, but should I go for it. My other RB is K.Hunt.


Have another TE?


Assume this is a keeper league? If so, how does your keeper system work?


No I don’t and the next best available is Benjamin Watson


Its actually a redraft


i go gurley. the positional advantage is far too strong. you can stream TEs pretty efficiently (by TE standards) to the point where you can almost get the same production as an ertz. and what ever you dont get back points wise because you dont have ertz, will be easily made up by the difference between gurley and mckinnon.


Wow, you guys draft early!


I normally dont, but this is the first time I got the UDK and I wanted to do a draft before I read everything in it, and one after. I guess I could wait any longer to break into it.


Yes, yes, and yes. Do this now. Getting an ELITE rb like Gurley to pair with Hunt is better than what you’d have without the trade. You can stream a TE like others have mentioned and still be okay.


I would totally do it !


I’d rather have Gurley.