Trade advice...Hyde or Michel ROS?

Going to trade either Amari Cooper and Hyde or Michel for Mike Evans. Who do you like better ROS? Hyde or Michel?

I like Hyde. Pats RB’s are subjected to the largest RBBC playbook in the NFL. Others will disagree with me I’m sure, and an argument can be made either way for sure. But just check out how many posts involve various RB’s on NE. I think Hyde will see more touches ROS. Probably by far.

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Hyde by a mile. If baker stays in he’s going to be solid. NE RBs are always best to wait till they get hot and sell as fast as you can.

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I like Hyde especially now wit baker

Turns out he liked Hyde too. Would only do it for Hyde and Amari and I pulled the trigger!

Lol. Thanks for ignoring the 3 of us. kidding kidding. nice job getting evans either way

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