Trade Advice. I need a RB.. standard Scoring

So I’m looking to make a trade for A Rb. Found a league owner who possibly would be a good fit but can’t get them ever to respond. I just offered Emmanuel Sanders and Darren Waller for James Connor. Do I need to make a stronger offer? Or does that seem like a fair trade… Or will I be okay with sanders starting this week? both teams below.

My team:
Qb: Brissett, Winston
Rb: cmc, Coleman, Sanders, singletary
Wr: juju, Boyd, cooks, sanders, McLaurin, Tate,
TE: Andrews, Waller.

Their team:
Qb: Prescott
Rb: Gordon, gallman, Hyde, Barkley, Connor, samuels
Wr: landry, Dede, hill
TE: Ebron, burton

They need Wr help, but idk how to go after a more solid RB for my team. Do I need to go higher?

I would NOT make that trade. I’m actually trying to sell Connor wherever I have him. He had a good game against Cincy, but he got almost the exact same volume as Samuels and the total volume will not be the same moving forward. I’d try targeting a different RB, but with CMC, I think you’d be fine rolling with Sanders until Coleman is active again.

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Thanks for the advice! Especially with you owning Conner and know much about his game this year.