Trade advice! I receive Fitzgerald, Ingram and T. West and I trade Ajayi and Cobb

Trade offer is aquire Fitz, Ingram and T. West for Ajayi and Cobb?

Please do not do this trade. Ingram and West will be splitting carries like crazy this year so you’ll be stressed about them every week. I would keep the true workhorse (Ajayi) and Randall Cobb will probably end up having a better year than Fitz, with Palmer looking the way he did Sunday. Even if Cobb is not better than Fitz (I’m assuming PPR), they will be close enough that you don’t want to give up Ajayi for 2 crowded backfield backs.

Thanks for the feedback man. It was going to be hard for to let them go
anyways but I just needed some reassurance.
That’s why I drafted Freeman and and Ajayi with my first two picks. I like
having workhorse backs I don’t have to worry about week to week.
It’s also a standard league so that would have been a bad trade.

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Do not do this. that is all

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