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Trade Advice in a Keeper League


I have been offered Crowder, Montgomery, Crowell, and a 5th rd pick next year for Amari Cooper. My other RB’s are Powell, Ingram, Ware, Bernard, Prosise, Thompson, Woodhead, and McFadden. My WR’s are Julio, T.Y, Garcon, Britt, Ginn, and Tyrell Williams. Should I accept? Counter? Thanks for the input.


Take that. Now.

Wait are you the one giving that up?


I’m giving up Cooper.


Take the heck out of it.


Take it and run. I honestly think Crowell will outperform every RB you currently have on your roster. Crowder is going to be great this year. He is starting in all 2WR and 3WR sets (slot in 3WR) and has rapport with Cousins. Montgomery is the only wild card but for now he has value. Cooper is good and all but at the end of the year I wouldn’t be schocked if Crowder out performs him.


I agree with this and have to be honest @B-Ram, this is borderline trade rape. You are making out like a bandit.


How many keepers? I can see you not taking this is if you only get a certain # of keepers. Odds are you wouldn’t keep Crowder or Montgomery. So it’s Crowell for Cooper. If a full pt. PPR league, I wouldn’t to that. You have a huge drop off after TY and Woodhead is a locked in starter.


Good point.


beat me too it. this is too good of a deal to not be a pre draft keeper situation. if its not, then yeah take it. you get to upgrade your horrible run game, and keep a strong receiving core.