Trade advice including Keenan Allen

12 team standard. I feel it’s a steal but I need some reassurance or correct me if I’m wrong.

I would give L. McCoy and I Crowell

And receive Keenan Allen and K. Drake.

The Knee issue with Allen worries me but it’s obviously why I can get him cheap. I’m hoping Drake’s usage will improve.

I have McCaffrey, Cook, L.Murray, R.Freeman and N.Hynes as my Rbs after the trade. (Adding Drake).

My Wr’s would be M.Evans, Ty Hilton, M. Jones Jr, K. Kupp, N. Agalor (spelling may be wrong) then adding K.Allen.

i would do that. Keenan Allen is WR1 material. Not sure about drake though, kinda worried about him.

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I may be bias because I don’t like Crowell at all he has burned me the last too Years. Also shady was also my guy for a while back and it was a lock in start every week…now he is just confusion and on a horrible offense. I think gaining K.Allen is huge for him(even with knee issue). And Drake has nowhere but up to go on what seems like a much better offense
I’d do that trade with confidence personally

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You’re giving up 2 pieces of trash for a stud WR. Take the trade and run.


agreed with above