Trade advice. Ingram for ajayi

Would you accept a Trade for Phillip Rivers and Mark Ingram and Give Alex Smith and Jay Ajayi

Also have shady Mccoy and Carson Wentz.

Not at all. This trade doesn’t make the slightest sense. You are giving both a better QB and a much better RB. It’s like giving up $50 and getting back $40. We have no clue what Ajayi will be, but Ingram is a low end RB1 ROS. I think low-end RB1 for Ajayi is best case scenario, but not too likely.

I would be giving up Ajayi for Ingram just to clarify

Ingram is the better RB, and I don’t think it’s that close. What are your other QB options?

Edit: waiver wire included.

Carson Wentz Tyron Taylor

I’d definitely do this then and role with Wentz.