Trade Advice, input please

.5 PPR scoring; 8 team league so a lot bigger rosters to keep in mind. I’m 5-3 in 3rd place, guy who proposed this is 2-6 in last place.

Was just offered David Johnson, Demaryius Thomas and Kyle Rudolph for Hopkins and Chris Thompson.

My roster is:

QB’s: Watson, Ryan

RB’s: Hunt, Tev Coleman, Smallwood, Richard, Chris Thompson, Fournette

WR’s: Julio, Hopkins, Davante Adams, Robert Woods, Golladay, Tyrell Williams

TE’s: Ertz, Njoku

Have a lot of strong WR depth and was looking to up my RB2 behind Hunt since Coleman has been ehhh so far.


Absolutely not, in an 8 team league David Johnson is a middle of the pack RB2, DT is unusable & you don’t need Rudolph when you have Ertz.
Basically he wants to take an elite WR for a middle of the pack RB2, the rest is null in an 8 team league.
Tell him that offer is straight up disrespectful

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yea i agree doesn’t make sense to make this in a 8 team league dt would never start and neither would rudolph, you can get much better for hopkins

I’ve tried to get better for Hopkins lol that’s the problem no one has a RB they are willing to part with that is of value for Hopkins

Thats surprising someone got saquon for hop and kerryon in my 12 man you may have to package something to get an elite back tho

the 2 guys who have RB depth and are hurting at WR are in 6th and 7th place and are the only 2 in the league who won’t make a trade or even entertain one. everyone else has only 1 solid RB and don’t want to move them understandably so

I understand i have people like that in my league too its a crappy situation

sent an offer out to the Melvin Gordon owner so hoping he at least bites now that his other RB Drake has had a few decent games

If the guys overloaded with RBs won’t budge let em continue to lose games and keep an offer extended with some version of the following message:

You can keep losing with your “valuable” RBs or you can take one or two of my WRs and start picking up wins.

been trying it for weeks. the one guys a good buddy of mine and i’ve tried to tell him enjoy losing but you can’t reason with stubborn people man

Yeah that’s unfortunate, hopefully Fournette comes back healthy after the bye and you end up not needing another RB

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banking on it lol thanks for the input fellas