Trade advice involving Zeke

I was offered this trade. I would be receiving Zeke. 12 team 1 pt PPR. I think he’s asking for too much with Kittle involved.

Get - Zeke, Rudolph, Alex Collins or Kenjon Barner.
give - Kerryon, Chubb, and Kittle.

My team is.

QB - Ryan, Baker(due to Ryan’s bye)
RBs - Mixon, Sony, Kerryon, Chubb, Howard, Ronald Jones
WRs - Julio, OBJ, Tyreke Hill
TE Kittle, Olsen

league format is 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, WR/RB, TE, Def

asking for way too much. dont make any trades. completely unnecessary

I agree it’s too much tried to counter with kerryon and chubb. He wants Kittle, debating to offer kerryon and kittle for zeke.

you would be ruining your TE option. Olsen did nothing until that td with less than 2 mintues left. keep kittle. dont trade at all. your team is fine.

its interesting to me. I see Balt shifting to a heavier run first offense as the winter months roll in. I would lean towards accepting this trade, but I understand your questioning of it.

i would try and get a better Rb besides collins. who else does he have

I’m really not sure why you’re questioning this. I’m abouy as high on kittle, chubb, and kerryon as anyone right now, but these are the types of trades I’ve beem offering all year. You’re upgrading your RB position without sacrificing much depth, for possibly some regression at TE. I personally think Rudolph will get his the second half of the season, but would obviously still lean kittle

he has none, his RB’s are Jalen Richard, Barner and Hines.

Well you should try to give up less

I tried, he’s not budging. I checked in with the Gurley and Kamara owners. Gurley not open to trading and Kamara wants mixon and T Hill. So no go on that

Mixon and Kamara are pretty even ROS

Maybe Chubb, Howard for zeke?

yea I tried that combo, he wants nothing to do with Howard