Trade advice is needed!

Was originally offered Lindsay and Gallup for Lockett and Sony. Full PPR. Don’t find it is worth it for me to do but was more wondering if there is any other trade that would be worth it.
My team is:image image
His team:image

I definitely wouldn’t do it

try Lockett and Sony for Gordon


Id go with what Brat said, lock down the Charger RBs by getting Gordon

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So, tried Sony and Lockett for Gordon. He came back with Evans and Lockett for Gordon and Gallup. Having Edelman That I’m good putting in to my WR2 role. Would a good counter be Lockett and Watkins?

Evans/Lockett for Gordon/Tyrell?

Not terrible value IMO and he’d probably do that

I was looking at something like that.might trying locket Watkins first and try and keep Evans but if not change to that. You Don’t think I’d be depleting my wr too much? Running Edelman and tyrell as my 1 and two?

you know that ridiculous Ekeler production you’ve been getting? It’s about to go away… to Gordon… Evans is boom or bust and Lockett is legit, but Tyrell is super underrated