Trade Advice- Juju, Clement vs Agholor, Michel

Half ppr dynasty trade! Footclan, should I consider this? My roster is below! The Juju owner really likes Michel.

In a vacuum, Pretty even. I would take the trade without roster consideration. Juju is 20 years old and sets your team up well for the future. I also am not at all a believer in agholor. I think last year was his ceiling and as an owner, let me tell you, trying to make start/sit decisions with him is a nightmare. Also foresee Jeffrey making a rebound this year and I see CC eating into his targets. Also wouldn’t sleep on Mack Hollins. And CC is one of my fav sleepers. Been trying to acquire shares of him everywhere. Once Ajayi becomes FA, if they don’t draft another back, he has huge upside. You’re WR could also use more depth. I don’t see any consistent starters beyond your starting 3 and JuJu def gives you that.

You also have pretty decent depth at RB with Williams/Jones and Kerryon. Not sure why you have Bernard and Mixon though. Seems like you’re capping your upside. ANd you also own all 3 of the GB backfield. Personally I dont think tymont amounts to much more than a scat back. Williams probably holds the lead once he starts with the job. So I would look to acquire some more depth which doesn’t cap your team as much.

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Thanks, i agree that Juju would be a massive upgrade. I wasn’t sure if the drop to Clement would hurt my depth too much. The Gio/Mixon and GB trio was intentional to handcuff those backfields. I agree though, it limits my upside! I may have to explore other options to diversify my RB core while Gio and Ty still have value.

You’re severely limiting your roster upside. I hate handcuffing for the most part. Also given Jones suspension, my personal horse to win the race in the backfield is Williams. Montgomery can’t handle 3 down back duties, will move into scat back and maybe even receiver role. And the race between Jones and Williams was already so close, now with suspension, Williams is going to have a chance to prove he can do it behind a now healthy O-line. He already provied he was capable last year. Was he efficient? No. Was he explosive? no. But that was also with Hundley under center. With rodgers back, running lanes will open up and he’s been losing weight to get more speed which is always good. I would keep williams.

In terms of clement, even though its a downgrade, he has the potential to be a lead back there by next year when Ajayi hits FA. If philly doesn’t invest early draft stock in another back, we could be talking about clement as a 3 down back. It’s a high risk gamble, but its high reward if you hit. Think about him as in a similar situation to Coleman. Sitting behind a lead back, with good pass catching and the right size and ability to be a 3 down back.

Would take Gio and Ty mont, package some draft picks to go get upgrades or just try and get guys on other teams who have potential to take over lead duties. I like owning handcuffs to other teams, not my own.

How do you feel about flipping Gio for Jordan Wilkins or Marlon Mack? It so happens that the Juju owner has both.

If he’s willing to give you gio for Mack, I’d do that deal. I’m not the biggest fan of Mack but technically he has the starting job and Indy def improved the line / with Luck returning. Definitely increases the upside of your team.

I personally do like Wilkins as more of a fit for a feature back but its all about Opp and technically, Mack has the first shot at keeping the job and even if he loses starting, should still be part of the committee.

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Right. Call me crazy but I think Wilkins wins it? He seems like the ideal workhorse back who didn’t go to a big school, and was therefore overshadowed by the other backs!

Yeah I mean he’s more built for it, but there’s a million hopeful stories of that “no name school” guy who may make it but end of the day, there’s only a couple Howard/Forte stories.

As Fantasy owners, we are always dreamers…

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Agreed. Mack is the proven asset, thanks for the advice!