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Trade Advice Julio/Crowell for CJ/ K Allen


Was offered Julio Jones and Isaiah Crowell for CJ Anderson and Keenan Allen. How does every one feel about this trade. Full PPr league


I would take the offer.

Crowell will have a nice week 4 and 5 matchup and he could do damage to Indy. After week 5 you could try to parlay him but Julio has a phenomenal set of matchups the last 6-7 weeks of the season and he is Julio. I personally think this is a no brainer. CJ Anderson usually disappoints and while I think Keenan’s injuries have been more unlucky than injury prone-ness in my opinion… he’s still missed the past two seasons.


I would do it. Julios best games are ahead of him and you are getting Crowell who has a really good matchup right away. Its a risk but this is the definition of selling high and I think you will benefit long term, esp. with Jones.


Yes. Crowell will only get better as his qb gets more experience. Julio can more then make up for Allen and Andersons weekly production


Thank you! I was on the fence, but three yeses in a row i guess pushed me to accept.