Trade Advice: Kareem Hunt for Lamar Miller and D. Thomas

12 man standard scoring.

Give: Kareem Hunt

Receive: Lamar Miller and Demaryius Thomas or Lamar Miller and Baltimore Defense.

I feel like am somewhat winning this trade but not sure which option to choose. I had Spencer Ware previous years and Kareem Hunt is following that same limited use trend. I am currently winning the league and Baltimore has a juicy defense schedule. My current WR: Julio Jones, Stefon Diggs, Josh Dockston. My other RB: Isaiah Crowell, Alex Collins, Matt Forte, Dion Lewis and Tarik Cohen.

Please advice.

What do you have to start every week?

I normally start.

QB and DSF: streaming
WR: Julio, Diggs
RB: Hunt and Crowell
Flex: Cohen

hmmm… I would lean toward getting DT. is there anyway you can throw in a lewis/forte/collins and get all 3?

DT is tough since you don’t know if he’ll be consistent. Hunt, you know youll be getting points. It tough but the pro say no, I say it’s a good shot since I think Cohen will be more used.