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Trade Advice Keeper League


14 Team, PPR, 3 Keeper League.
No round penalty on keepers and you can keep them as long as you like.
I have Evans, Demarco, Ajayi, Crowell.
Looking to trade away Demarco / Ajayi for Lev Bell.

Final keepers would be Mike Evans, Crowell, and Lev Bell

Worth it?


Worth it. Crow is ascending, and without a penalty you basically just want to keep your favorites


yeah if thats something that they want to do, do it. it has its risks of course but i cant say no to the highest per game scoring fantasy player over the last 3 years. murray and ajayi both have their upsides but if you have to choose to keep 1, or just keep bell thats easy. the only thing that might change my mind is what spot you draft in. if you are the 1.01 i might say no, because who ever you drop you can get right back, or find someone even better. but still, to have that 1, 2 combo punch of evans and bell for as long as you want? makes my mouth water. and i do love crowell this year.


Worth it. Especially since you’ve currently got 4 valid keepers, so you’d have to get rid of one anyway. Better to turn two very good guys into one great one.


Thanks everyone, I’m also high on Crowell which is what makes this a little easier!


I would try to trade Crow and keep Demarco if he would go for it, but would still take Bell for those 2