Trade advice - Keeper league

I inherited a shitty team and have already effectively mortgaged my season by trading away my 1st and 3rd round picks for Mckinnon (9) and Ertz (14) in .5ppr. There are two absurdly stacked teams so I decided to play longterm. I’m wondering if I should give up my 2nd and 4th round picks to acquire tyreek hill as a 9th round keeper. Keepers in this league are strange and not only does their value not change from year to year but they also stack. In other words I have two players who were claimed off waivers which defaults to a 9th round keeper. Keeping two such players sacrifices my 9th and 10th round picks. So effectively tyreek would be my 11th round keeper as I also have freeman (9). This is a ten team league with 5 keepers, .5 ppr, 6 points per passing TD. If I don’t trade my likely keepers in addition to McKinnon, ertz and freeman are:

Davante Adams (3)
Mariota (14)
And probably not but possibly Tate (6)

The league is 2 qbs 3 rbs 3 wrs 2 flex and a TE

Bump. Any thoughts?

I love the idea of having the Freak as a 9th (11th) round keeper, but I would keep my 2nd and 4th this year. Watkins, new OC and a new QB makes me uncertain on how Hill will retain his value or regress.

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