Trade Advice: Kittle and Coleman

Context. I have Chubb, Kerryon+handcuff, Miles Sanders, Tevin Coleman, AP, Thielen, R. Woods, Larry Fitz, Crowder, Dorsett. Been streaming TE’s waiting for Herdon. I’m 4-2 on a 3 win streak tied for second in the league

The Trade:
I would get George Kittle and Jordan Howard for Larry Fitz and Tevin Coleman

I’m leaning towards streaming a TE another week hoping Herndon comes back.

Welcome Darb,

That hurts both your RB and WR depth but solves your TE problem. With byes and injury concerns, I’d probably stand pat and stream until Herndon gets back too.

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If I’m you, I’m taking that trade. TE can make or break you week to week, especially when the position is so thin.

Coleman is good and it sucks to give him up especially after he clogged your roster up for 4 weeks but Kittle is a match up winner. Howard/Sanders and AP are solid flex options and subs for bye weeks.

I don’t feel comfortable betting on Herndon at this point. He’s out at least another week, maybe two and with these types of injuries the players never come back to truly 100%. Get Kittle so you don’t even need to think about TE for the rest of the year.

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I also have Kyler Murray and the Bills Dst. I should be able to manage my IR slot(Herndon) to likely have the dst playing the dolphins every week from here on out.

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So this deal got revoked. Made things easier. What would you think about Kelce for Thielen?