Trade advice -- Kittle for cooks

I have both OJ Howard and George Kittle, but I am weak at WRs. Is Kittle for Brandin Cooks a good trade?

I’m looking to trade with a guy in a deep league who has stud WRs but didn’t draft a TE…

Here are his WRs: AB, Cooks, Julio, Kupp, Dede, Tate

0.5 PPR, shallow bench league.

If he has no TEs I’d start with OJ for Cooks at the least. Kittle is projected to be one of the best TEs in the league, so you should at least get AB or Kupp for him.


I agree he’s projected for a ton of points. But Kittle will no doubt regress now that 49rs have healthy WRs and 2 good RBs. Personally I’d offer kittle for AB or even package him with another player and try for Julio…

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Solid advice. New to the forum, so not sure if this image will work – but I am trying to post a screenshot of my team and his team below. There are definitely package deals to be made here…

What about Kittle for Cooks/Dede?

I second that. The fact that this guy drafted Eli Manning speaks volumes to his fantasy acumen. I’d also try a kittle and bellage trade. Kittle and Bellage for Sanders and cooks. He’s obviously a Giants fan so get that poisonous Sanders off his bench!