Trade Advice Lockett and Allen for Lev Bell

I’m receiving an offer in to receive Le’veon Bell and trade away Lockett and Buck Allen.

Standard Format,
Rest of team is:
QB: Dalton, Newton
RB: Melvin Gordon, Conner, Fournette, Buck Allen
WR: Fuller, Diggs, HIll, Aghollor, Crabtree, Lockett
TE: Burton

I’m currently 2-1-0

Is this a good trade?

i dont see any reason for him to accept that deal.

It was his offer. updated description sorry

oh, you said you were offering it in the post. if he offered that without a doubt take it.

My fault, sorry. Okay sweet thanks for the advice!

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Yup. Take that all day. Bell will play somewhere this season. Could be your league winner.


This person is severely tilting, take advantage before they change their mind!