Trade advice - m Jones and j Williams for diggs and powell

Half point ppr, trading Marvin Jones and jamaal Williams for diggs and powell. Not including the players to be traded, I’m decently deep at running back with Howard, Collins and hunt, morris too. Wr on the other hand I have obj, Edelman, d Thomas, Anderson, kupp. I feel like I have enough rb depth that getting diggs is worth giving up Williams and Jones. Thoughts?

I would recomend keeping jones, diggs is good in all but is a second option. And im not sure on cousins yet. I would recomend maybe trying to trade d thomas or anderson. see if he goes for that.


I’m not convinced Diggs is enough of an upgrade on Jones to give up Williams.

Diggs, is a massive upgrade to Jones. Take the trade . Given your depth at RB, you can afford the downgrade there to get a massive upgrade at WR.

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i agree with this, if theres any way to get someone better than powell i would but if not i still do it, diggs is a stud

I’m just kind of worried about Jones with both tate and golladay healthy now, plus he’s really td dependant. I think that diggs is gonna be a stud with cousins. Appreciate it though guys, got a tough call to make