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Trade Advice: Mark Ingram for AJ Green


Trying to upgrade my WR as my top two are OBJ and JJ Nelson.


Forgot to mention it’s Standard


Yes yes yes. Buy low on AJ.


NOW is the time to buy low on A.J. Green! If you can trade Mark Ingram for him, you are all kinds of awesome.


no way this dude accepts this trade. In my league, they won’t take Howard + Pryor for AJ


LuccasG is right. Who else would you offer?


He almost accepted T. West for him. So I upped the offer. I could try adding Luck and see who else he can throw in. I’m riding the Smokin Jay Cutty train right now.


Also forgot to note that this guy is the David Johnson Owner, and his 2 HBs are gore and burkhead


He almost accepted T. West? Oh man, this is gonna be like stealing candy from a baby. Go get you some A.J. Greens!