Trade Advice: McCaffrey/Edelman for Hunt/Ridley? plus more

Hey guys, so I’m in a full PPR keeper league. The original trade I proposed was CMC/Edelman for K.hunt/Ridley. He came back with CMC/Edelman/2019 2nd draft pick for Hunt/Ridley/7th round draft pick. Edelman is a sixth rd keeper and Hunt is sixth rd keeper as well. Ridley is a 12th rd keeper. My question is this to high of a price and if so what could I haggle him to. Thoughts??

Also if it helps my lineup is:
QB: Cousins
WRS: D.Adams, Edelman, A.Robinson
RBs: CMC, Gordon, Breida
TE: Engram, McDonald
Bench: Enunwa, K.Cole, Mack, Ekeler

His Team:
QB: Brees, Goff
WRs: J.jones, Ridley, Tate, Thomas, Jeffery
RBs: Hunt, A.Jones, Cook
TE: Ertz
Bench: C.Clay,Montgomery

This would be an awful trade.

Why the hell would you be giving up the higher pick in this trade.

In a full ppr league, CMC is probably top 3 RB. Hunt is maybe mid to low end. He is clearly selling extremely high on ridley.

You’re original offer to him was already a very lopsided trade in his favor. He should’ve taken it and run.

Your roster is stacked. Stick with what you have. Ridley isn’t worth it unless you think he can continue to catch TDs at a rate of 62.5%.

agreed with mike, take this trade away immediately. edelman will have 8+ catches per game as wil mccaffrey. mahomes isnt throwing to kareem hunt and he has 1 game over 100 yards this year. get rid of this trade ASAP

Appreciate the input fellas