Trade Advice: Melvin, Ridley for AB, Murray, and Dalvin

10 team PPR and with a record of 1-3 in this league.
I would be giving Melvin and Ridley for AB, Murray, Dalvin

I want to counter for AB, Mixon but would like to know if that’s even or to try for something else.

My Roster:

QB: Wilson, Winston
RB: Gordon, Barkley, Conner, Michel
WR: Evans, Kupp, Ridley, Fitz, Jones Jr, Enunwa

His Roster: also 1-3

QB: Brady
RB: Dalvin, Mixon, Collins, Barber, Murray, Bernard
WR: AB, Cooper, Cobb, John Brown

You should try to sub mixon for murray and dalvin. That would be more fair imo

I can’t see him giving up Mixon.

Damn, I was also looking at bye weeks, at Barkley/ Mixon have the same Week 9 BYE.

AB + Mixon is too far reaching. Doubt he gives that up but you could try.

I’m taking that trade because Gordon and AB are pretty much a wash in my eyes for ROS with slight edge to Gordon.

But Dalvin > Ridley for me by quite a bit ROS. I’m happy to sell ridley in any league right now cause his price will never be higher. Dude owns 60% of the teams TD but is 3rd in snaps and 14% of the teams yards. If that doesn’t scream regression, I don’t know what does.

Maybe you could counter with Gordon + Ridley + Conner for Mixon + AB + Bernard.

Alternatively, if you could change this into Barkley + Ridley for AB + Cook + Murray, I’d do that.

If I traded off Gordon and got Mixon within this trade, how much would it matter that Barkley and Mixon have the same bye week?

Knowing that, would it make more sense to go for Barkley + Ridley for AB + Cook + Murray and then use Conner as bait for another trade involving a WR or RB

Yeah I didn’t consider that. Depends on your matchup, If during that week you’re going up against a super stacked team, then you might want to take the 1L there and be full form in the other week instead of splitting down the middle and losing a stud RB in 2 weeks.

My recommendation for Barkley was mainly because I think Gordon is just better than barkley at this point.

Selling window on Conner is closing though.