Trade advice michael thomas

Thinking about Trading Marquise Brown and Hines for Michael Thomas.
What do you guys think too bold or?

Depends on the other team. What do they need?

I just sent out Malcolm Brown and Tyler Boyd for MT. The other team has no RB depth and almost all of his WRs and RBs are injured.
Probably won’t take it but hey- here we are.

His two starting backs running backs are Singletary and Chris Thompson and his starting wide outs are Thomas and Hopkins. My starting receivers are Hilton and Cooper with John Brown and Harry on the Bench Put in claims for a bunch of WR tomorrow as well.

Your offer is really good and I would definitely take that offer over the one that I proposed!
That’s for sure, but it’s his first round pick and I’m sure they will be hopeful that MT comes back quicker. Or maybe he even expects to get at least a second rounder for him. Just gotta let it simmer.