Trade Advice - Montgomery for Henry?

Would you trade David Montgomery for D. Henry, D. Lewis and a 2020 2nd. Full PPR league. Seems like good value but Henry seems way less desirable in PPR.

Probably not.

You end up with 2 players but can only play 1 week since they are on the same team.

Henry is gonna be dependent on playing from the lead as he doesn’t catch passes. I don’t see TN playing with a lead a whole lot.

The Bears moved up to get Montgomery and shipped out Howard. If Montgomery is any good and gets Howards work load he is gonna be better than either Ten RB

Derrick Henry is going about 3 rounds ahead of Montgomery in startup dynasty drafts so it’s a good trade. Montgomery definitely has the higher ceiling but we shouldn’t over value potential for a known commodity. Plus you get the backup and a draft pick.

In my startup Henry went 9 picks ahead of Montgomery. I’m surprised the Henry owner is turning right around and making this offer. I’m just not a big fan of Henry, but the value seems to be on the Henry side.

The known commodity is that Derek Henry isn’t very good. I think everyone looks at his 2 great games last year hopes he can repeat that 10 times this year. he’s not getting 30 carries a game, like he did in college to get those absurd numbers he put up.

But i really like Montgomery and his landing spot in Chicago, so that biases my assessment