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Trade Advice, multiple offers


I have three offers being floated to me for Ertz in a 12 team half PPR dynasty:
1 - I give Ertz/Ross and get Michel and C. Davis
2 - I give Ertz, Crowder, Clement and get Cooks, Cobb and Cohen or Cobb, Cohen and Freeman

I need RB depth and i can get get McDonald, Cooks, Clay or Watson off waivers to fill in for a year and i have Seals-Jones or Jonnu Smith if either make the leap this year or next. Any of these worth it to lose a top 2/3 positional guy?


I think you should demand more. Ertz is a reliable producer at a position with very few other options as reliable, or predictable.

My advice is ask them to do better.


This was what i thought as well, they were counter offers to some very low ball initial ones. Rejected saying the cost was too much. Possibly have another option for JuJu, Burton and Mack in for Ertz and Crowder out which is…so so.

The initial offer i had for Ertz, Crowder and Clement was Cooks, Brate and James White which i thought was complete trash so counter with both of the line two options which i thought was even, with potential to break either way if Clement or Freeman turned into solid RB2 guys with upside…


I assume you meant Royce freeman above or d. Freeman? But my favorite offer was Cohen/Cobb/freeman. Getting two RB options for Ertz. Clay is a safe options this year considering they have a dumpster fire of a WR group. Even if the Vance dance doesn’t work you could pick clay up.


Yes Royce sorry, he didnt go for that one trade didn’t work out. He offered a crazy Cooks, James White and Brate combo for Ertz, Crowder and Clement which is basically trash, I think hoping I’m buying Cooks is some fantasy superstar in LA which I have my doubts about. My offers were fair enough so I’ve left it for now


I think you are undervaluing Crowder. He did poorly last season because of opportunity, not talent. They new offense with a QB who likes his slot guy will change that. Chowder has always averaged like 3.2-3.5 yards of separation at the time of release. I predict 1000+ yds this season.