Trade advice needed - 12 team dynasty #1 overall

Hey footballers,

Year 2 of a new 12 team dynasty me and some friends started last year. Standard scoring.
I won the first overall pick for this year’s rookie draft. Today I received a pretty substantial offer, but for a haul of picks.

Josh Jacobs
Joe Mixon
2023 1st Round Pick.

2021 Round 1 and 2 Picks.
2022 Round 1 and 2 Picks.

The pick haul is a bit heavy, but my current running backs are:
James Robinson
Raheem Mostert
Jeff Wilson
Jerrick McKinnon
Melvin Gordon
Gio Bernard

Because of my complete lack of RB confidence I’m pretty temped here. Jacobs coming off a down year and Mixon off an injury. But I think the Bengals line will be much improved.

Anyways, thoughts?

Thats a big no from me. You can get your choice of the best RB in the class and the 2.01 will also be valuable. Jacobs stock just took a huge hit and both those RBs you’d acquire are aging.

If Kenyan drake wouldn’t have ruined the party in Vegas than I would say this is fair value but the 1.01, IMO, is worth more than jacobs alone so I would not do this trade. I would hold on the the 1.01 and see if I could still acquire Mixon

I’d go no. With Drake now on the Raiders, Jacobs will take a hit in snaps. With the 1.01 You can go for Najee Harris and he can probably get pretty damn close to Josh Jacobs production right away on the right team.