Trade advice needed for Lev Bell by tomorrow!

Should I trade Doug Baldwin & Kerryon Johnson for Lev Bell? Standard League.

My other RBs: Kamara, Clement, Blount (had McKinnon)

My other WRs: Davante Adams, Robbie Anderson, Cooper Kupp & Mike Williams

guys an idiot if he takes that.

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Yes, yes you should.

He told me that if Bell doesnt report tomorrow, he’d do that deal. My only concern is if Bell misses significant time, my team is REALLY hamstrung.

Check your waivers for a semi startable rb. I would still do the trade for the top 3 runner in the weeks he is in. He wants his money.

Even with your current roster you need another solid RB. Kerryon could be it but we have to see. I’d 100% risk it. Even if he sits out 3 games, is Kerryon really going to be better than a waiver pickup over those weeks? Maybe, maybe not.

Thanks guys!

i would take that trade. Bell is a stud that you can ride to the playoffs once he is back