Trade advice needed! Giving up too much depth?

0.5 ppr.
My team: rb: Cook, Aaron Jones, montgomery, Gibson and Kelley.
Wr: golladay, Kupp, Chark, green and Davis
TE: Andrews and Gesiki

His team: rb: mccaffrey, mostert, jamaal williams and James white
Wr: Hill, juju, allen, watkins, slayton and Marvin Jones
TE: kittle and Graham

He is new in fantasy and I don’t want to take advantage of him with my offers. I’m trying to stay as honest as possible but I’m really bad at assessing value on trades.
First I offered montgomery and Chark for hill and got rejected. I’m thinking of offering montgomery + Kupp for Hill. Is this enough? Or maybe montgomery + Chark + Kelley for Hill and something else but can’t figure out what else I I would want to give up my depth at rb.

Please help, bumping for advice!