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Trade advice needed please!


Should I trade Kareem Hunt and DeVante Parker for Beckhum Jr. and Doug Martin? I’m in a standard scoring lead and have Gore and Kamara on my bench to help me pass the suspension.


Who ate your other RBs?



Can’t type today.


i would keep hunt if i were you


Yeah I think you should keep hunt. As of now we don’t know whats up with obj.


Hunt has proven he’s going to be something serious


…you guys can’t be serious. Take Beckham and run. Hunt has proven literally nothing. Go back and actually watch him. He benefited massively from 3 poor defensive plays: 1) defensive PI, which set up one of his easy TDs; 2) a blown coverage (by a DE); 3) and the 58 yard run in which no one got near him until he got cut from behind. Without those three plays, he has, I think 111 total yards and a TD. Nice game, to be sure, but not nice enough to pass on Beckham. Its not unlikely that the 45 points he put up this week is the most (maybe by quite a bit) that he puts up in his career.

He didn’t look particularly fast, or sudden. He didn’t cut particularly well (to be fair, he didn’t have to, NE didn’t put up much resistance). He did show nice power, great balance, a nasty stiff arm, and decent vision. He’s not David Johnson, Leveon Bell, or even Devonta Freeman. He’s a very nice RB2, with upside. Beckham can be a league winner, especially if Martin is back to form, like he appeared to be in the pre-season (by the way, don’t be surprised if Martin has a better per-game year than Hunt).