Trade Advice Needed!

Hey Footclan,

Standard 10 man, Standard roster but 2 Flex
My team is:

QB: Ben Roth/Andrew Luck
RB: David Johnson, C.J Anderson, T.Y Mont, Ameer Abdullah, Theo, CJ2k, Jamaal Williams
WR: Kelvin Ben, Dez, Nelshon Alg, JJ Nelson,
TE: Gronk
D/ST: Bronco
K: Matt Bryant

I’m looking to offer a trade Dez+C.J Anderson+Abdullah for Dalvin Cook + Mike Evans.

I might be able to pull it off because the guy I’m trading to a huge Cowboy fan and has been trying to make a trade with me. I sort of want to trade Dez/CJ away because I think they’re pretty injury prone as the season goes on. Will this trade be giving up too much or does this seem fair?

I would keep CJ Anderson. He only got injured once last year and his been fine so far. Trade Dez and Abdullah.

I would make the move if the guy will take it. Cook is a work horse and Evans is a target monster. They both have high floors and will be consistent but dez has a habit of disappearing.

I agree with @Royalblue85 on this, keep cj. And possibly give away ty. And make the point ty is going to be getting more looks and targets with the banged up gb wr core. Also I don’t think ty can go the whole season without getting hurt.