Trade advice....on playoff bubble


I’m on the playoff bubble in my league (currently 1 game out). I play (inc this week) 2 of the top 4 in the next 3 weeks.

I’ve been offered the following trade, would like to know your thoughts:

Trade away - Phillip Lindsey & Marvin Jones

Receive - Julio Jones.

RB depth- Aaron Jones, devonta Freeman and moestart

WR depth - D.Adams, tyrell Williams, crowder and Debo Samuel

Format is a 0.5 PPR


I wouldnt that leaves you awfully thin at rb

I was thinking an Adams for Julio straight swap?!

Thats not bad it then becomes preference on who you believe is going to be the better number 1 the rest of the way

I was thinking that and Julio has a great matchup this week.