Trade Advice on RB's

My team is nearly “Zero RB”.
my WR are Fitz, Evans, Theilen, and Tate.
my RB’s are Ty Mont and Jordan Wilkins

I’m looking to trade Golden Tate to pick up an RB.
What do you think of these trade offers?
I don’t want to tilt too much but I think I need an RB to win week 1…

Tate for Sony Michel
Tate for Cohen
Tate for M. Mack
Tate for Colman

would you suggest any of these trades?

What the hell happened in your draft for you to end up with that team? There’s no way you should have WRs that weak if you went Zero RB in the draft. Looks like you didn’t even have a pick in the first 2 rounds.

Tate probably worth more than all of those. Personally, I’d do the trade for Michel but I am a michel truther. And you don’t have to give up that much for him right now. COuld probably give up Tate for Michel +

I personally don’t like the Patriots backfield. To many people in the mix. Brady loves James white in the passing game and Burkhead on goal line

That is lazy analysis from guys who don’t watch the game or don’t play fantasy. Patriots backfield is productive every single year. Why? Because they have one of the top offenses every single year so their backs always score a tonne of touch downs and catch a bunch of passes. You realize both Burkhead/Lewis finished as RB2s last year even though they didn’t start full season right? Both gave you near RB1 production on weekly basis as well towards end of the season and they were both incredibly cheap.

James white is not much of a factor. He comes up big in a few games sure, but the dion lewis role is incredibly valuable. Thats the role Michel plays.

Don’t be the guy that reads hot takes and makes fantasy decisions off of them. That’s a losing recipe. If you want to go with that route, that’s your choice but personally, I want a piece of patriots backfield anywhere I can get them. Especially right now when they’re cheap.

It would appear that way… I unfortunately had to set it to auto draft in a Faab league.
But hey I did also get gronk, dez, two kickers, 2QBs, and 2 defenses…
It’s going to be a grind this season but hopefully I can pull something decent together.

I got turned down on a Marshawn Lynch deal but
I just got offered Karryon for Tate and I think I like to potential with him. what do you all think?

I generally do try to avoid rbbc because of the up and down results. No doubt the Patriots will be producing a lot of points. I hope they go to Gronk!

RBBC up and down results apply to bad teams who don’t score points. Burkhead was an RB1 for the last 4-5 weeks he started healthy. Not much up and down there. Same with Dion Lewis. Those are just 2 very productive roles to have.